Wednesday, November 9, 2011

this is awkward.

So I'm gonna tell you one thing today... and one thing only. This is how you know you are a (youth) foreigner in another country.

My "fiesta de promotion" (senior party) was canceled today due to the fact that not every kid has paid. :-(

It only took 6 hours for me to be invited to and "forced" to accept 3 INVITATIONS to other senior parties. All I have to say, is I think I am actually a little afraid. Afraid of latina girls. haha I can't even describe how quickly I was asked. Like when one heard that my promotion was cancelled, they all started asking. Who knows how many fiestas I'll end up going to by the time December comes around haha.

In the end of it all, i actually had to convince them that I would not allow them to put up a picture of my in there school and do an auction for who would pay the most to go will the Tall American. haha. They actually tried to convince me by telling me that we could give the money to a good cause, like the poor children I am going to help this christmas. It was definitely a complex. haha.

Yeah, that's all for today.

Enjoy your life. :-)



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