Tuesday, November 8, 2011

success. (Look at this.)

Thank God it actually worked. A 4-person skype! It's a miracle. It was soo crazy. 4 people. 4 countries. 3 continents. Yah, so I skype today with Ian Huxtable (Seattle, U.S. on the left), Jordan Sperl (Germany in the middle), and Maggie Smits (Brazil on the right) haha. It was amazing. I missed those guys soo much. ;-)

So weird. Hearing about the different cultures. Different foods. I found it very interesting the time we had drawing words in english from the back of our minds (like hot springs) haha. It was quite enjoyable. Anyways, I love my friends... just wish they could all be here with me.



1 comment:

  1. THIS WAS THE BEST SKYPE CONVERSATION EVER! :D And you are amazing for posting about it. :