Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Russian Roulette.

Went to a play tonight at the church entitiled "Russian Roulette." It was amazing. Had actors my age that appeared to all be profession but in reality were just a group of friends. It reminded me a lot of "Narrow Ground" and our dance we used to do. hmmm, memories. ;-) Anyways, I walked in the church door to the pastor greeting me with a gigantic smile. It's so weird, I'm a visitor in the church, but I think because of travelling with Holly to so many churches, I feel at home not being at home... if that makes sense. haha Anyways, we went in and the whole play was about people and their secrets, their struggles. I think my mouth was open the whole entire night- whether it be from the amazing acting, great story, or fact that I could understand it all...I don't know- I just know it was amazing. In the end the pastor came on and asked if there was anyone who wanted to become a christian. I've never been a real fan of the "raise you hand, come forward" thing, but nevertheless... it happened, and a bajillion people went forward. It was amazing. I felt like running up to them all and saying Congratulations. I was so filled with joy I wanted to stay in the church all night (but unfortunately my ride did have to leave immediately afterwards.) All I guess I am trying to say is to not take advantage of your ability to worship. Whether that be in a church or just in your home. My grandma told me (and I'm sure you've heard it)... "A man once complained about having no shoes, until he saw someone who had no feet." I want to live like that, but have the mindset before I need to see "a person with no feet." I want to enjoy and see the blessings I have right now, without having to wait until they are taken away to enjoy them. I can definitely tell you I took advantage of the ability to just get up and Sunday... and go to church. To be able to just relax with like minded people. But I'm not going to complain about that. I'm going to move forward in thankfulness for a night like tonight, where my spirit could be refreshed. Different Language. Same Spirit. Blessings, Lucas

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