Monday, October 31, 2011

Day 2!!!

This is how I celebrated my 19th birthday! I can't believe that it's already came and went. This is my last yeat to be a teenager... how weird. I feel like Holly was just here. Anyways, happy Halloween everyone. Yup, they celebrate that down here too. I'm completely shot from our trip so we will see what happens. The little kids already finished all of their round and now all the music has started up for all the fiestas in the area. But yah, my head is already seeking my pillow... and it's only 11:00 haha. Hope you guys like the video;-)



1 comment:

  1. you picked one of my favorite songs!! (Wanted Man).. you will find that out on a page of the next thing i send you........ ;) i cant help but think that you pick them just for me ;) cause you know they will make my life better when i hear them on your videos ;) and without a doubt it works everytime ;) so glad you had a good birthday!! p.s. Grandma Starr is amazing :) i love her! :)