Sunday, November 13, 2011

i just don't understand.

so went to church today. so weird how everything is exactly the same... just in a different language. During worship it was so fun to be able to sing parts of the songs in english and other parts in spanish. Definitely a lifechanging experience that you should try;-)

Anyways, the church is starting a branch in my area so the pastor wasn't actually there... his sermon was being like skyped in (or something haha). It was really cool. I was amazed to see the things he had to say. He talked a lot about the christian relationship not being a religion. Which is huge for people down here considering for most of them, catholcism is highly "religious." He talked about how we have got to realize that no change is going to occur in our lives if we just have the knowledge. We have to put the action with our knowledge.

Like reading your Bible. Thinking about reading it definitely isn't reading it. And reading it, doesn't mean you are understanding it. We have to open our minds. Wake up. And start taking ADVANTAGE of the time God has given us. Yah we study Gods Word... or do we? Yah we pray... or do we? Yes we serve... but are we really serving?

I'm still figuring out the whole balance with the verse... "Come and follow me." When I look at that verse... I see a life of joy, a life of love, and happiness. But more importantly, I see a life of hardship. Of very hard work and study and hard decisions. I see a life different.

I don't know if you have ever looked at that verse and felt overburdened. Why shouldn't we? When we spend so much time wasting away not studying, not helping, not growing. You know the idols in your life that keep you from the good things God has to give you.


If there has been anything I have learned about learning Spanish it is this... Sometimes it is completely overbearing and yo don't know where to start. (Kinda like reading the Word, or thinking about our future in Christ.) But what we have to do is STOP thinking about we don't know... Stop! And start taking what you do know, or are learning in the moment... AND APPLY IT.

And with it, you will be able to stop worrying. You will be able to enjoy the moment. You will be able to actually learn something. And you will actually have a real relationship with Christ... you... GO, and follow Him.



P.S. Another one of my friends decided he wanted to enter into this relationship with Christ today. I was with all of my friends and I just started crying. It was probably the most humbling things that has ever happened in my life. Do you ever have those weeks were you say "wow, there is no way God used me this week to bring anyone closer to Him..." I know that sounds aweful, but yah, that was my week this week.

This, was just a reminder for me to stop thinking it is about me. God will use me in whatever way that may be... God will use you in whatever form that may be.


  1. love this! My pastor and I were just talking about this yesterday! about not worrying about the future and what you dont know, and just enjoy the life you have at this moment. and the time and freedom you have to spend with Jesus and in the Word. Especially as single, young people. We will never have more freedom and time than we have now! so encouraging Luke! keep it up! ;)

  2. Luke, you encourage me everyday I read your blogs. The work you are doing is SO FANTASTIC! I pray you keep your chin up so you continually see God in the mist of all your work and your INSPIRING example. Keep it up!!