Friday, November 11, 2011

a dream come true;-)

wow. Just spoke with Jazmine Perez through skype... IN SPANISH! Probably (definitely) the coolest think I have done yet in Peru. I mean, it totally reaffirmed to me that I actually can speak spanish. That spanish there in the United States is actually the same... haha I can't express to you how excited I was. Lets just say I practically ripped all of our couch cushions in half. ;-)

The whole conversation was amazing. From all the crazy things I've done, to the crazy things she's done, to screaming about how we can't believe that I know spanish, to talking about just life in general. Every part of it was incredible. Just two things were bad...

1) Desi wasn't there to talk with us.

2) I woke my sister up from sleeping :-0 with all my screaming and she told me she almost wanted to kill me. whoops.

In the end, the conversation only ended because Jazmine (sasquatch) had to write a paper and turn it in at 5 in her college;-) haha

In other news, we went to a military school today where we learned all about the lifestyle of a peruvian soldier. And in the end of the day, I walked away knowing how to do a back flip into the water. Another "fear" of mine conquered. It was crazy. Something small to the outside world... but big to me. haha I have a really awesome picture that I will be posting of it, but it's on Honore's camera so it will have to wait. ;-)



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