Friday, November 25, 2011

happy thanksgiving?

I'm very sorry I never wrote to you guys yesterday wishing you all Happy Thanksgiving... I really didn't even realize it until right now after I finished reading my friend stephanie's blog about how awful her thanksgiving went in Ecuador.

It definitely struck a chord.

Yesterday was definitely one of the worst day's of my exchange. After waking up to my host mom telling me I was forgetting everything in Spanish and that my Spanish was horrible (because I mixed one SINGLE word when I was talking to her: evidently 3 1/2 months is the mark for perfection in speaking a foreign language) she asked me to bake an typical Thanksgiving meal.

Practically choking on tears and squeezing my hands into fists and praying that God wouldn't let me get angry with her... I spent 4 hours making Pretzel salad in which no one even ate. (okay, they ate a 1 inch square of a 9x13 pan). It was like the best pretzel salad I'd ever had!

Anyways, I was so glad I could take my frustrations elsewhere. I went to a Britney Spears concert with some of the exchange students. I honestly don't think I would have made it through the day if it weren't for my friend India Rauchle. She always knows how to help me through the stupid things that go on in an exchange.

Anyways, the concert was really cool. Really weird to finally see Britney Spears after all those years. Final verdict: her concert was amazing with all the back up dancers and stuff... for what people say about her, she is a lot more modest then what you think. I'm not saying she was anywhere near modest. But I'm saying there were many parts of her show where I didn't have to close my eyes. It made me think... maybe having 2 kids has calmed her wild side down a bit. Who knows. All I know is that when "Hit me baby one more time," came on... there were like 20,000 peruvians with thick accents screaming the lyrics (I still couldn't understand them haha).

Oh, and skyped with my family for about 30 minutes yesterday. Your entire family + you in a foreign country + thanksgiving + your host mom has treated you like a jerk for the past 3 weeks = an awful combination of emotions. I did get a big smile out though listening to my cousin paul SPEAKING! He told me "Lukey, I miss you." It was so funny. It definitely gave me a big smile. :-)

Today I went to start buying toys for our christmas in Peru thing were doing for the poor children here... We were able to buy around 300 soccer balls, volleyballs, and toys. It was amazing. I was walking through the market like a regular peruvian "cargador" (the men who carry boxes 4 times their size on their backs)... It was pretty cool.

About half of what we bought today;-)

What we bought today;-) They run with these through the incredibly crowded market streets...

This was very hard to smile in... that bag on my shoulder weighed 60 pounds and I had to walk through the entire market with it. haha definitely peruvian now ;-)

A ticket to Britney. ;-)

Britney flies!!!

Anyways, Happy Late Thanksgiving. I love you guys and hope you all are sleeping still from all the turkey you ate. ;-)




  1. they didnt eat pretzel salad?! oh my... that was the one thing missing in my thanksgiving here! :(



  3. Don't worry, Luke. I remember the many times my various host families told me I sucked at Spanish when I messed up a word or two. I'm a Spanish teacher now. Don't listen to them.

    -Sra. Anderson

  4. Luke! I love you so much! Sorry I haven't been in contact lately, it's been a whirlwind over here :) Sorry to hear your Thanksgiving was as bad as mine! After reading your blog, I feel like we were feeling about the same emotions... and YES it's so hard to talk to your family on a holiday, when you're already having a bad day. I've never felt so weird. Anyways, glad to hear everything is going well with your new family, and I would definitely eat the WHOLE 9x13 inch pan because I freakin' LOVE pretzel cake (or whatever it is) Oh yeah, and geez, it takes a long time to learn a language. Yeah, it's been 3 months, but I'm nowhere NEAR speaking how I'd like to, but I guess little by little. AND a friend from my colegio went to that same concert haha how weird. Anyways LOVE YA! Hope everything is AWESOME today :)

  5. :( I am behind and was missing you and this was first thing I read,:( almost made me cry! I am so sorry! I would of eaten you pretzel salad I love that salad also!! your a great kid to me:)