Saturday, November 26, 2011


today was amazing. woke up to go to play with poor childrn in another part of Lima while their parents had free doctor check-ups. But before they got there, Nina and I had quite a fun time finding our way, getting on new combis... Along the 30 minute trip, Lima turned from a city of "modern" buisnesses to a land of colorful markets and bumpy unpaved streets. It was hard to believe we were still in Lima.

Once we arrived we had the privilege of coloring with children as their parents went into free medical check-ups being sponsored by Cenoval (a combination of rotary with ever other non-profit organization in Lima). It was quite a day. All day long we got to see these little kids coloring sponge bob, Cinderella, or the Smurfs while they asked us questions like "Do you REALLY know how to speak English?" And one girl even told us, "My dad knows english very well... I taught him." :-) They were incredible.

I think it was one of the most fun things i have done here. Its funny how those kids just really attach to you. Just telling them you like their drawing, or letting them sit in your lap means the entire world to them. It really is something I think everyone needs to witness...

Anyways, surprisingly we got to leave a little early which meant I could go to Youth Group tonight! Basically it was just as incredible as ever, only tonight moreso. See, I've been wondering how I am going to use my time wisely this summer.

God gave me an answer tonight.

The church will be offering summer classes in Guitar, Drums, Spanish, Cooking, ect. this summer every single day for only 15 soles (5 dollars) per course for the ENTIRE summer. I think that is definitely something to be happy about.

God has provided for me in so many ways down here. I just can't wait to tell the other exchange students and see what they think!;-)

Alright, we have our exchange Thanksgiving Day tomorrow so I got to go remake my pretzel salad.. ;-) wish me luck...



My friend Daniel and I with his sister... ;) There parents left them for about two hours so I took them to get their faces painted.
Nina, being swarmed yet again by the children demanding paper. ;-)
Coloring a smurf with some of my friends today;-)
Very strange "clowns" that were in the parade today. The were very intimidating haha;-)


  1. Very interesting day Luke! Thanks for sharing. Clowns do look "not so clown-ish" maybe they belong at the river house:)...

  2. That is so funny I was thinking the same thing as your mom, ending up laughing hard when I read her message:)) You can at least print a picture for Kristi, LOL!!