Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Video coming tonight!!!

Haha, I leave tomorrow at 1230 for Machu Pichu!!!;-) I'm almost entirely packed, minus everything I need to pack:-) haha. But yah, I wanted to post a video before I left. Because I'm gonna be gone for two weeks and have no idea what that means for my blog;-)

Anyways, I don't know if I told you about the amazing cake that the cook at our school makes every single day. Well yah, she taught me today after school how to make it. In return, I gave her a washcloth with washington on it, a apple slicer thingy ;-), and a box of Aplets and Cotlets!:-) whoo whoo. She was so amazed and in the end even asked me if some day I would share with her my chocolate chip cookie recipe. (Which I ripped off mom, which mom got from camille, which camille got from somebody in college.) Strange how things work out like that haha. ;-) Anyways yup, in less than a week I will be witnessing one of the 7 world wonders. Only a few days after Mick Jager (he rented out MACHU PICHU!) and Justin Bieber (they gave him machu pichu... jk jk.)

Oh, and talked to Holly today through skype. Remembered again how much I miss her and my mom. Just more confirmation about how much I have to rely on God to fulfill everything they were for me. ;-) Which isn't such a bad thing I guess... just hard.



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