Monday, October 3, 2011


Just some highlights from the trip I thought you might like...

1. Cute little boy in a city outside of arequipa. He found things like flies amazing and had never used a camera. ;-)

2. Alina literally can't go anywhere without taking her shoes off. We'd be hiking in the mountains near cacti and she'd have her shoes thrown over her shoulder. ;-)

3. When you gotta go, you gotta go;-)

4. Yup, that's my washington sticker on a friend's (Erin's) water bottle in the middle of the Canyones of Colca.

5. The Plaza De Armas in Arequipa at night.

6. Robyne from Belgium. ;-)

7. Yup, that's Peru for ya.

8. At a monastery in Arequipa. It was more like a small city within walls.

9. The ferocious guinea pig... dead;-( yup those are teeth.

10. Chilean money.

11. Only love constucts, hate destroys.

12. Bored in the middle of a tour... hardly ever happens;-)

13. Stepping into the freezing water...

14. Super hard to swim and take a picture at the same time. ;-)

That's all for now. ;-) Video should be coming soon. Love you guys. ;-)

Oh and today is Christopher Rumbles Birthday... so a big shout out to him and a thank you for being in the Holly Starr gang. Love you dude. ;-)



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