Monday, October 10, 2011

Holly Starr!!!!

Freaking love my sister soo much. She just blew my face out of the water from half a world away. And you know how???

NEW MUSIC. yup that's right, holly's writing new music... and this is definitely the real stuff. ;-) I can't even believe it. Sry to say its just one thing I won't be able to post ;-( But yah, preparense (prepare yourselves) cuz she's about to blow you away. ;-) jaja I can say all this cuz I freaking LOVE to brag about people in my family. ;-)

Thanks for the great surprise Holly. Love you. Love your music. Wish I could be with you right now, and tomorrow... and the next day ;-) haha Now when a label comes to snatch you up, I'm holding you to flying down here to Peru to tell me in person. ;-) love you soo much. ;-)




  1. Keep her in your prayers luke..she needs it! She loved your message to her this morning. She sent it to the Producer to encourage him ;) it SURE made her smile! Thanks for giving her strength to keep going...this is our last day to be here in Nashville...weve been here 10 days now and she has worked like 13 hour days each one of them!!!

  2. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! cant wait to hear it :)

  3. YEAH!!! Can't wait! But just as wonderful as her music is, so is your Peru journey to me. I get excited everyday to read what your up to next. i got a few days behind and was going thru with-drawls. So you keep up the great job also:) God is so amazing, love to watch Him thru your family. Bless you LUKE and the Grigg Family!!