Tuesday, October 4, 2011

El Rey Leon!!! (The Lion King)

Went to watch the Lion King in 3D today. It was really fun. I think besides nino, big mamma, and I the only other people in the cinema were some 4 year old kids who screamed and giggled whenever anything (and I mean anything) appeared to be popping out of the screan. It was so funny. Like being a kid again. Seriously. I had the same feelings that I used to have watching marry poppins or chitty chitty bang bang. I didn't understand everything, but I still loved it. It's so cool to see how it is the exact same, but yet it is different in another language. Things generally mean the same, but specifically it is like a whole other story. ;-)

Also today I realized that I am still incredibly sick. I want to throw up every five seconds and "the train" as we exchange students in still coming often. And that's probably more than you want to know, but hey, you need to know what I need prayer for;-)

Wow, but I can't tell you how much I still love all that God is teaching me down here. I have gone through some really really rough patches, and many good ones... but God has really taught me so much more what relying on him means. I mean, when your in a foreign country, what more can you do.

I was talking with my mom through Skype yesterday and we started talking about what it means to grow up. About learning that you get a chance to find out who you are, to be who you want. I guess you couldn't have any more wide open options than moving to another country... I was telling her how at first I didn't really realize how "wide open" my options would be. Literally, no one knew anything about me down here. Not about the sports I play, the grades I've got, the religion I am (or even if I was a religion)... it was a clean slate.

For about two weeks I was freaking out because I didn't know what it meant to have that pre-placed shelter above my head. And I guess that was another way God had me rely on Him. But all I can say is that at the end of the day, I still wanted to be the same Luke that I've always been. I still wanted to go out and help the poor. I still didn't want to party, drink, or swear (although at first I said many swear words unknowingly;-). And I started to think. HOW IN THE HECK DID MY PARENTS EVER TRUST ME WITH THAT DECISION? And I think the answer is part of why I didn't "fall of the tracks."

They simply trusted God.

I hope I will be like that someday. Hopefully someday soon. It was as if they took all their hard work, love, and care and gave it to God. And for that, I am still sane. Because I wasn't placed in their hands, or mine, but in Gods. And I love that feeling. Totally kills the sense of wanting to be a "rebel child." ;-)

Anyways, guess my little bit for today is to just trust. Trust that what you place in Gods hands, is really in His hands.



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