Sunday, October 9, 2011

Bungee jumping!!!.... almost.

Haha, so if you read on my facebook earlier, I went bungee jumping today. It was so cool. All morning I was preparing myself to go and jump off a five story building and go flying to the ground, but that wasn't exactly what my nerves encountered later on. It ended up being bungee jumping yes, but that along with zip-lining. Like you jump and fall about 30 feet, and then the rope tightens and you zip-line for a while. It was pretty exhilarating... and I got to do it twice:-) I never realized how high 5 stories is until I climbed those stairs today.

But jumping wasn't a problem for me. I simply ran of the end of platform screaming things like "PERU" "FOR BIG MAMMA" and "NINO!" (nino=nina and big mamma=Lily). It was so much fun. I'm actually a little surprised at how much I liked it. The whole thing was supposed to be a simulation of the time before and during a parachute opening in a jump. And I must say, the instructors definitely convinced me enough to were I am definitely parachuting sometime within the next year.

I was even going to do it next week... and then I realized that next week I'll be in Machu Pichu. haha so the decision is Machu Pichu for my birthday (21st) or skydiving. jaja What a strange circumstance. ;-)

Side funny note: the museum of the military parachuting school was named "the room of Honor." Honore is an exchange student. And inside the museum was a picture where all the parachuters? (don't really know if that's a word) were standing with Miss Rhode Island. Honore is from Rhode Island. jaja how strange. ;-) I love it when stuff like that happens. ;-)

Here's some pics to enjoy so... enjoy. ;-)



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  1. introduce more exchange students :D