Sunday, September 11, 2011


WHOOO! 2 weeks has passed and I decided to skype with some friends again. This time, my best friend Desi. It was sooo weird and amazing to see her face again. The only thing I could think about the whole time we were talking was "Do you want to go get a pizza at zacks with me" lol. Definitely something I miss.
But here's what's different... her computer wasn't wanting to cooperate, so we talked the entire time... without words. Eventually, we resorted to just typing, but at the beginning we were using paper and pictures and everything possible until she could figure out how to type a message lol;-) it was awesome. Nothing has changed between us... (besides me having Gordi now) and I'm glad. ;-) Here's a few pics.

I also got to talk with Holly and my mom. Who are currently DRIVING to California. Yeah, the connection was horrible considering they were in motion... but it was still awesome. I found out that my sister is either getting prettier every time I see her or she is having plastic surgery. I go for the first.

And likewise... every time I see my mom she looks... MORE LIKE SARA PALIN lol ;-) it's pretty hilarious. It feels so weird talking to them. I love them so much. Right now, it felt like talking to them was a dream. Like they are a long lost part of my life that I can't tell was a dream or not. It's so weird. Can't really express it. Nevertheless, he's a few pics ;-)



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