Monday, September 12, 2011


yup... forgot about the whole leftovers thing. You know that whole fish head on the table I told you about yesterday? Well lets just say it's not there anymore and my dog didn't eat it... gulp. I think my stomach hurts. lol.

In reality, it wasn't all that bad, just had to be careful with the bones poking in my gums. :-)

Not much else to report today. :-) Slept during my two exams today. Don't worry, I tried to take them.... and then I gave up ;-) haha It's hard to remember fact in another language when you never learned them in the language in the first place;-) jaja.

Oh, something I can tell you about though... Wednesday. I'm going to go to a thing called Mistura on Wednesday. It is basically a ginormous food festival in Peru that happens once a year for a week. Over 100,000 people attend. Tickets on the weekends were sold out forever ago, which means I get to skip school to go during the week! Anyways, they bring together all the very best chefs in Peru to cook their favorite dishes and you get to eat them. It costs 20 soles ($6) to get in and about 6-12 soles ($2-4) per plate. I'm so excited... and Gordi is too.

Honestly... to let you in on how much I eat, here's last night until tonight for example. ;-)

1) Last night for a movie snack...An entire box of Aplets and Cotlets! ;-) I couldn't help it after I at one. ;-) and two bowls of Ice Cream.

2) Breakfast: Two PB&J sandwiches.

3) Snacks During school: 2 pb&j sandwiches, 1 chicken sandwich, 1 piece of cake, about 15 strawberries... and 2 churros!

4) Lunch: Fish head soup (with snails), and a plate of lentils with rice.

5) Dinner: 4 ham sandwiches with hot chocolate.

And now literally my mom just offered me more lentils to eat... ;-) I'm so excited... Gotta go. :-)



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