Tuesday, September 27, 2011

only this for now. ;-)

I have a friend,
his name is Luke
and till the end
he wants to cook.
He’s now in Chile,
... but lives in Peru.
He is like a panda
just eating bamboo.
He is coming back
In only one week,
and to his blog
I’ll take a peek…
I want you to know
that I do Kung fu,
and that if you die
I will miss you.

This was sent to me by a friend. She doesn't speak english jaja but told me she and my other friend would write me a poem during my trip... in English;-)

In other words, we went to chile today. It was so cool. I kept wanting to call camille to call her past host family to meet me somewhere. But considering we were only there for about 6 hours, I'd call that impossible. We went to Arica today in Chile. Known for how it used to belong to Peru but now is part of chile.

The bus ride there was about 2 hours... but the road was aligned in a very interesting landscape of house on sand dunes and abandoned "restaurants." It was really cool. I know have 4 more stamps in my passport which is crazy. ;-)

We've (Lily and I) have decided to come up with nicknames for me, nina, and lily. So now you can call us Gordi, Nino, and Big Momma. ;-) It's great. I've loved having the opportunity to hang out with them some more. :-)

Anyways, today we went, learned about how much Peru and Chile hate eachother, and came back. It made me really appreciate Peru, and I even felt some of the passion for being Peruvian while I was there. :-)

Oh, forgot to tell you... I ate cuy yesterday for the first time. Cuy= guinea pig. :-) it was soooooooo good. Like chicken but smoother, and less meat. And hair on the skin still and tiny teeth and a head and little legs. But seriously it was so good. I also tried pigs feet:-)... which was the worst decision of my life :-/ lol

Today we returned to Tacna, Peru. I listened to another Paul Washer podcast in spanish, and eventually fell asleep. Woke up here, had 20 minutes to rest and then we had a reunion.

I sang at the reunion. It was soo much fun. I sang two songs that I wrote. One "Mirages" that I sang at baccalaureate in Quincy and the other, which doesn't have a name yet, I wrote here in Peru. I couldn't believe the reactions from all the people. The rotary president here in Tacna even started crying! Wow. Don't know why God allowed me to experience this but he did. Lily told me my new song was her new favorite. I couldn't believe it.

Anyways, everybody presented a talent tonight. From India's jokes to Andrew and Elan dancing. It was awesome. Can't wait for all the more new stuff to come.

;-) God is always surprising me.



Guinea Pig!!!!!

Showing our Gordi's ;-)

Okay this is a bad representation of the extra 12 pounds ;-)

Love Peru, oh, it's past midnight. I have officially been here for 2 months!!! ;-) Wow.


  1. Interesting, I thought cuy tasted more like pork. Sigh, taste buds that differ. I was in Peru the week before last, I miss it terribly. I may stop reading your blog because you are making me miss it even more (not really, but I may).

    Yes, I'm a lurking follower that just commented like we've known each other longer. It's okay though. =D

  2. You have been such a BRAVE soul trying all these new foods, Way To Go!! I would of been a chicken I think, well at least with the skin, hair, feet and teeth still present. Keep having a great time!! :) Sounds like your weight gain is worth it. LOL