Friday, September 30, 2011

don't really know what to think about that....

hmm. so let's just say the last two days were extremely trying.

For two reasons...

1) I got really sick, really fast. Literally, one hour I was great and the next I was almost throwing up with a migraine and... Montezuma's Revenge;-) It was aweful. It has yet to go away but I am feeling much much better now. (Guess that cuy just didn't settle too well).

2) We went to two very small pueblos in the middle of the mountains. The roads to get there were of dirt without guardrails and literally 1 1/2 cars wide. You literally could look out the window and straight down over a cliff. Shh, don't tell my mom ;-)
But anyways, we didn't only go with all the exchange students, but for some reason there was a whole television crew riding along with us. Unknown to us, we were to be paraded around like animals for two days pretending like we loved pueblos where we had never been. We didn't know anything about them... and in all honesty, I can't even remember their names. It all happened so fast. We had to dance on national television, sing, and eat... for 2 days. Every moment was recorded because we were gringos.

The object of it all was to create a tour video for the pueblos so people would come to them. The only problem was, many of the exchange students were sick and no one had told us that this would be happening. All I can say is that it was like on the movie the Grinch were they are stuffing all the puddings in his mouth when he doesn't want any of it. Yah, exactly. I was forced to sing when I was sick. It was aweful. In front of a town that I didn't even know. With guides that didn't give a care about learning anything about us.

The only redeeming fact was Henry. He didn't know anything about it either. He kept telling us over and over how this isn't how it should be for exchange students. We shouldn't be paraded around like this.

Sorry, just have to vent a bit. The Rotary President from here in Tacna set up the whole thing and thought it would be great to not even tell Henry.

Anyways, we tried to get the best out of it although it was hard when they literally were pulling us from one thing to the next, always interviewing for how we liked it and whatnot.

But I did find time twice to rest and really get a sense of the two pueblos. Once at night where we spent 2 hours watching old men play soccer and played truth or dare with the children of the pueblo. I can't describe to you what it is like meeting people who don't know of internet yet, who don't have cell phones, who eat solely from the food they grow... but I can tell you this. They have a life that we are missing. Like I saw a husband and wife in the pueblo today sitting for hours just waving and saying "buenos dias" as people walked by. Sitting, restful, enjoying life.

The other time I had was swimming in a giant waterfall. It was the coldest water I have ever been in (like twice as cold as lake chelan). Literally your body goes numb when you hit the water. Luckily a girl had a waterproof camera so pictures will be coming to you soon;-) It was very peaceful. We walked on the edge of mountains for 6 miles and went down into a valley covered in grass and cows until we finally reached the waterfall after 5 miles.

Oh that's another thing. They use the power of the waterfall to push the water all the way to the pueblo that is 5 miles away. It is like seeing a history book come to life. They use rocks to make the water go in certain pipes and not others that lead to different parts of the city. It is so cool.

Anyways, needing God more and more. I love all that He is teaching me here. I guess for today I would just say to stop looking for the destination and just enjoy the journey....



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