Monday, August 1, 2011

hmmm. thoughts.

Word of the day: Flaco/a (Boyfriend/Girlfriend)

Found out that I weigh 73 kilos today... lol just a fun fact for y'all. We will see how much I gain on this exchange haha.

Watched the news on the television yesterday. They were reporting about the circus here in Peru and how the families working in the circus get so little, only $15 soles (less than 5 dollars) a day. To put it into perspective... 15 soles buys about 1 1/2 meals at a fast food restaurant. One of the circus families had to fit 4 people into a twin sized bed....

Never forget how blessed you are. Here in Peru, it is normal to see kid street vendors with no parents in sight. It is normal to see dogs that look like they have never seen food. Ever since I went to El Salvador in 2009 I have known that I wanted to somehow help those less fortunate, and I believe God is trying to open those doors. We will see. I love Peru just as much today, or more as yesterday, especially since my host dad just came in with fresh pan (bread) for today:-)

I meet with my school director today. Pray that I speak Spanish well because he WILL be judging me on how much I know. Depending on that depends on which classes and how many classes I will take. I'm excited but nervous at the same time.

Just some advice, that I need to take as well... Don't turn from God to the things of this world, but rather use the blessings HE GIVES you to then bless others...

Nothing belongs to us. Spread the wealth:-)



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  1. So great that you can see the experiences you have had in your life to this point.. being stones to carry you through the next stages in your life!! We love you Luke!!