Monday, August 1, 2011


Thought I would let you know some cool ways God has shown me that I was supposed to be here.

1) My host sister SINGS! and very well at that. She is extremely nice and most definitely the best friend that I have down here. We sit and watch T.V. or eat bread at the table and she helps me learn all the new words. I can't believe how similar she is to Holly. It is very strange. Patient. Loving. Good at Singing. ;-) We do everything. Pero no te preocupes, (but dont you worry), she doesn't like me. You can stop holding your breath now grandma starr;-)

2) Since I was little, I have loved dalmatians. I have wanted one since the first disney movie came out. It was destiny. Unfortunately, my mom is allergic to pet hair and dalmatians are indoor pets:-/ Well... not only does one of our neighbors have a dalmatian, but directly across the street is a veterinarian clinic with a huge dalmatian painted as its mascot;-)

3) Every morning I have about 1 hour to do whatever I want... which leaves me the amazing opportunity of waking up and just sitting on my bead or sofa reading the Word. It is incredible.

4) Did I mention Fresh bread and cheese everyday!?!

5) I have not been homesick at all.

6) The house looks just like my grandma starr's on the inside... blue toilet and everything. It even smells like her;-) It was definitely a good surprise! haha

That's all for now, time for almuerzo (lunch). ;-)



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