Saturday, August 6, 2011

The U.S. and what not.

Word of the Day: Poco a poco = Little by little

hmm. Don't know much too say at this point... because I don't want to rag on anything or anyone, but can I just say how much I love Peru!!!!

I just see so much more everyday how we live in such a ridiculous bubble in the United States. There is much more to Peru than I could ever tell in a video or in a blog. There was so much more to El Salvador than I could ever tell. All I can say is this, if God ever calls you to jump outside of that security blanket in the U.S. and go see how others live... DO IT.

I love the U.S. I love how fortunate everyone is... in a way. I just think our "fortunateness" has caused us to forget how the world really is. Life in the U.S. seems more like a competition to me now that I am in a new environment.

There is so much to learn from the Peruvians. I simply don't know how I will see the depth of their culture in 1 single year. I don't know if it is because I am still "on cloud 9" or what... but I can't get over how incredibly different of a world it is down here. It isn't like Peruvians are super poor, don't have running water... because there are places here that look exactly like the United States. But what I'm trying to say, is this...

Peruvians have things, but they are not defined by them.

I know this is making huge assumptions incredibly fast... but that is just what I see at this moment. Simplicity. Loving the moment and where they are at. I'd go as far to say that I love it so much that I wouldn't want to get back on the plane to the U.S.

I feel like I have gotten much closer to the essence of what it is to truly live here in Peru... and I intend to keep searching.



P.S. At this point, I feel like I understand 60 percent of what I hear... compared to probably 20 percent when I arrived. It is incredible how fast you learn when you have to. My host sister keeps telling me that my Spanish is incredible, and that I don't have hardly an accent. She tells me I will be able to understand all of it in less than a month, but I don't see how that is possible. Peruvians speak so much faster than Mexicans;-) We will see... Poco a poco (little by little)

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