Wednesday, August 3, 2011

that was an epic fail...

so I totally forgot to tell you guys that the rotary people somehow knew that I sing... (Mom?) and they told me when I arrived that I would be singing two songs in front of all the rotary and students tomorrow at our 1st gathering:-0 I'm super nervous.

I am going to sing Use Somebody by Kings of Leon... and Feeling Good by Michael Buble. ;-/ We will see. God is really growing me while I have been down here. I told myself, "Luke, If God opens a door, you can kick and scream... but just go through it."

I think we need to realize that in our lives more often. We might not like what God has done for us. It's okay to be angry, but just so long as you take the step... even if it is a stubborn one... It is progress.

I don't want to look back at these moments and say, wow, I wish I would have done that. So although I am scared everyday because I am living in a world I don't know. Although I take five minutes in bed to take a breather before I stumble into the language again every day. Although I may not know what is around the corner... literally;-) I want to say yes to these opportunities in my life.

I pray you would do the same. Who knows, maybe you might end up in Peru with me;-)

Love you guys.



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