Wednesday, August 3, 2011

-citos and security...

Word of the day: Feliz Cumple = Short for Feliz Cumpleanos.
2nd Word of the day since the first was so obvious: misio (pointing to neck)= I'm broke. ;-)

Just thought I'd let you know a bit about my amazing host mom... since it is her birthday.

1) She is the best cook in Peru... besides my second and third host mothers;-) they all are equally good. But together, they are the best in peru;-)

2) She does so much for her family. She makes every single meal from scratch and serves herself after everyone! She does all of the housework by herself. I try to help her, and she is so sweet and says, oh no, no pero gracia. haha and tells me to go write a blog;-)

3) She made us breakfast on her birthday.

4) She explains EVERYTHING TO ME in terms I can understand.

5) She wraps her arm through mine when we are walking... just like grandma starr.

6) She adds -cito to everything;-) (you add cito to a word to infer it is small. Like lukecito = a tiny luke;-)

7) When my host dad jokes and tell the rottweiler to eat the gringo... she stands in front of me ;-)

8) She received over 70 emails only telling her HAPPY BIRTHDAY;-)

9) She is incredible.

Okay so that was what I wanted to say about her;-) Feliz Cumpleanos mama! :-)

But also I wanted to inform you guys a little about security down here... In Peru, almost all (98%) of houses are behind walls. You walk up to a house by first walking up to a door in the wall;-) Also, there are security guards on every block making rounds.

Honestly, I feel safer here than I ever have in my life. When I go running, of course people look at me like "Wow, look at the tall gringo... never seen one of those before;-)" jkjk but they all just smile and wave. I live in the safest area of Lima too... La Molina. Or at least that is what my host dad told me. :-) But, you know, I think I am okay when I have God behind me... but most importantly... a giant rottweiler running by my side;-)

Were going to watch Harry Potter in Spanish tonight at the movie theatre! Ahhhh! So Freaking Excited haha.



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