Tuesday, August 16, 2011

that just blew my face off.

Phrase of the day: (used to help me roll my r's)
Tres Tristes Tigres comen trigo en un trigal. :-)
Have fun with that:-)

I can't stop. i cannot stop reveling in how much God has provided for me down here. It is incredible...

Get this...

Not only has God somehow allowed me to get connected with a polevaulting club... but tonight something beyond words happened. I went to go polevault and the other vaulters told me we weren't vaulting because we were going to go do rings and what not in the gym. I was pumped. I always loving hanging on rings and flipping around and stuff. And you know, my initial thought was that I was going to a beat up gym with rings that weren't going to be the safest thing in the world.

Well, I was wrong. By "gimnasio" they meant professional gymnastics gymnasium!!!! Ahhh it was incredible. Don't worry, I definitely took videos for my next video. Wow. There were 4 year old girls doing handsprings!!!! I mean really!

The reason this is so incredible is that Holly and I have wanted to do gymnastics since forever... but our city doesn't have them, or any city nearby. :-( Who would have thought that in a 3rd world country, I would accomplish one of my dreams. All I have to say, is God has definitely made it evident that this was the right decision for me. ;-) I am so happy. I love peru so much, and don't ever want to leave.



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