Thursday, August 18, 2011

It's the smallest things...

Wow. I can't believe today is the end of my third week... It just doesn't seem real. I officially have never been away from home this long, with or without anyone. Yet, it seems I haven't been gone for more than a day.

HAVE I TOLD YOU HOW AMAZING THE FOOD IS HERE! Wow. I mean everything is incredible. Even food that they serve for recreo (recess);-)

I was thinking about giving you guys an analysis of my daily routine, but I'll save that for later. I just thought that I should mention that today I did something new... i went and bought a movie with vanessa... a pirated movie:-0 haha but don't freak out, all the movies down here are like that, so I'm not a criminal;-) It's really strange, movies cost less than 3 soles (1 dollar) to buy! I will definitely have some adjusting to do when I go back to the U.S. ;-)

I'm starting to get really tired of colegio for many reasons. Many of which are worthless to name but mainly because of a few things. Did you know that the kids don't ever switch classrooms. All day, every day, all year... in the same room. Same walls. Same desks. Same routine. It is definitely difficult. I have a really hard time staying awake. My school is very strict too, so unlike the stereotype, I am an exchange student who does have to do something in school. My professors don't really understand why I am there... but every time the ask me for my homework, I just put on a stong english accent and say, "No entiendo." (I don't understand) ;-) It works everytime... they eventually just walk away.

You know, it's kinda liberating not doing my homework for once ;-) at least in a foreign country.

Anyways, tomorrow I'm skipping school because all the exchange students are going on a camping trip! So excited. I have found Peru to be very very intriguing. Like the city you see on the outside is totally not the city you see on the inside. All I have to say, is I have found myself in the U.S. and again I found myself in Lima. No worries my friends... I haven't change a bit... well maybe that's an overstatement. ;-) I kinda understand a lot more Spanish now;-)



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