Thursday, February 7, 2013


Today realizes something that only could be a fantasy in my mind in the years past. I'm going to Jordan. Even as I write I am rolling through the red desert on the border of Israel and Jordan. This bus is crammed with people from all over Israel. It even has a few surprises... Like Internet and gum infested seats haha

I'm so excited to get this opportunity. To go to a place that one day might be closed off. Wow. It gives me goosebumps and a really big desire to learn Arabic.

As for last night, you definitely missed out on the wedding of my lifetime. Everything from it being decorated better than anything Martha Stuart could do, to the live string players that danced, to the 3 meals throughout... I would say a Jewish wedding is a better attraction than anything you'll find at Disneyland. My aunts were trying to set me up with different bachelorettes all night long. My cousins danced like they were Moroccan (because they are;-). The highlight of my night was when my grandmas brother, known to be quite the flirt, came and belly danced in the middle of everybody! :-0 But I must say, he was really impressive. :-)

As for the wedding itself, it was very different from anything I have ever seen.

1) The bride and groom walk in together.

2) The groom puts the brides veil on.

3) The mother, and anyone who wants, stand on the alter and everybody literally squeezes in anywhere they can find along the aisle. Makes it tough for the old grandmas:-/

My cousin looked spectacular. Literally, beyond Camille my sister, was the most beautiful bride I had ever seen.

4) The ceremony is about 10 minutes long put on by a rabbi who sings and prays and makes jokes throughout the process of uniting the couple. But the weirdest thing is that all of the views stand and gather around the bride and group. Kind of like the feeling in america when a church will lay hands and pray for someone on the alter.

5) After the wedding the alter was torn apart and turned into a dance floor where immediately the bride and groom were lifted up on people's shoulders in celebration.

I think last night was the first time I really really felt like family. I danced with my cousins, I talked to my aunts and uncles in Hebrew, and i even got one of my aunts out on the dance floor as well. :-0

It was a spectacular night, that doesn't end until around 2 in the morning!

Hence why I have slept almost the whole ride on the bus today.

Hmm life is good. I'm in the middle of a desert on the border of two opposing countries... And yet I know God is good. I know he has brought me here. Just like he has brought you to where you are.



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