Monday, April 23, 2012

Here she goes again;-) HollyStarrMusic

so holly's new music video just came out. ;-) Kills me that I'm not there to share the excitement with here. The day her I love you anyway music video came out a few years ago I sat with her up until about 1 in the morning watching it over and over again. ;-) We were so excited. And now I'm  just as excited if not more only I'm here in a foreign country watching what seems to be some singer in a music video and every now and again I have to remind myself that that singer is my sister.

The best part about it. That singer my sister is incredible. If you know anything about Holly I would say you would know she is even sweeter than the words she says in her songs. Holly doesn't write songs to write them... she writes them because she has lived them. She goes through hard experiences and then finds a way to share them with the people. That's what I love most about her music. IT ISN'T FAKE. No matter what people say. I know the true Holly. And I know the day Holly goes fake will be the day her music fails. Because Holly's music is based off that incredible relationship she has with God. And the day that leaves, the inspiration for the music will leave as well.

But we know that that will never happen.

I want to write this blog congratulating my sister. For standing strong and walking the faith. For going where no one thought she could. For "building her wall" when everyone else wasn't. For deciding to be a light. For choosing to be part of the solution, instead of part of the problem. For remembering that in every moment in life, good or bad, the Word of God is what we need to stand on. For besides being an inspirational singer, being able to be a missionary, servant, daughter, sister and best friend. But most importantly for being faithful. For throwing her heart to God and not looking back.

Thank you Holly. You have shown God's love to soo many people. I pray that you would keep your direction and not ever be distracted. That you would continue to see EVERY person as Gods perfect creation... from those you dislike, to your closest friend. That you would be energized by the people who support you to continue carrying the torch and encouraging those who NEED IT. And in the end, that Love would continue to flow out of you not because of your ability to love, but because of the overflow of the Love of Christ in you. That your time in the Word would continue to nourish you to not stop building your wall. I love you so much. And as probably anyone that reads this blog would agree...

We support you in what you are doing....

Love you sis.

And to all of those supporting my sister. Thank you. As her brother I see that support in her. You guys mean so much to her. So thank you for being a part of this grand ministry even if you thought you weren't. ;-)




  1. In everything we do as believers can bring life or death healing or hurt, light or dark; so Glad to say you and sister are bring the light of Jesus to everyone you are around.