Friday, December 9, 2011

what's going on?

So, went to the track today. My friend Jessica (Jeka-24 years old) told me she had a very important question to ask me.

First a quick background. Jessica is very catholic, probably the most catholic you can be. And you know what, I think she has actually opened my eyes to the facts that there really can be catholic christians. She tells me how she sees the apostles more as good people instead of saints. She says she doesn't really agree with the whole saint situation (people becoming saints.) It's really quite incredible to talk with her. I've had so many questions, for so long about the Catholic religion... and now I have someone to speak with about them.... (why catholics pray to the Virgen Mary when it doesn't say to do that anywhere in the bible. why do catholics confess to the priest their sins. why do (most) catholics feel they don't need to read the bible. why do they pray the rosary when there is nothing about that in the bible.

Questions like these. I'm not saying my religion is good and theirs is bad. Because in all honesty, I think you can be a christian in whatever place you are in. The thing that is important is to be in the word and be discovering the truths for yourself... not letting someone else tell you them. I look at church more as a place to be encourage you in your walk not to BE YOUR WALK.

She started to ask me a million questions about relationships and her relationship with her boyfriend (who doesn't believe in God.) In the end, after half a day pole vaulting and discussing with her a million different biblical matters... she told me that I had changed her opinion.

That it is possible to wait. To find someone equally yoked. To live a life not bounded by relationships, waiting for God to bring someone along.

I know it isn't much... but I think I helped change someones life for the better tonight, or at least, God used me to help change someones life tonight.

Peru continues to surprise me, as well as God does.



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