Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Today was one of the best days of my exchange. 1) Recieved an over 10 pound box from my best friend Kendahl full of peanut butter and nutella;-) Yes, she really did send if from Hawaii.
The nutella kinda opened up a bit... but nothing I couldn't clean up... and there was still about half the nutella left over;-)
But the coolest part was probably the like 8 page letter that she sent me. It was filled with amazing advice and just life. I miss her so much. They I got home and found a letter on my bed with all of this inside. ;-) This blue bracelet is evidently very Brazilian and meant to be tied with three knots (one knot for ever wish. Supposedly once it eventually falls off, all your wishes should be completed;-) but I won't tell you what mine are quite yet;-)
And yes, this did come from Brazil;-) Don't you just love an exchange;-)
After that I went to the track and vaulted like no other. haha literally, like no other day in my life. My legs were so dead from yesterdays workout that I hardly can even say I vaulted. But in the end we did get into a very cool conversation about why we do/don't believe in marriage. It was really awesome. Finally, I ended the day skyping with my best friend Jazmine. But to my surprise she was with her entire Mexican family in Arizona... so, for the first time in my life I was able to speak to her relatives (including her parents). It was probably one of the most surreal things in my life. I was just at her graduation party having her translate things to her dad and now I can talk to him and understand him as if it were in english. Just creeps me out. Like all my life of not talking to them and now all of a sudden I can understand every word? Wow. What a blessings. Anyways, just wanted to give you a little piece of my life before I head of to bed. Something I will share in the end is something Kendahl shared with me that really meant a lot to me... "God will direct your paths... you just have to be moving for Him to direct them." -Kendahl Hintz So move. And just see where you end up. :-) Blessings, Lucas

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