Tuesday, November 15, 2011


is there another phrase for party-pooper that I'm not remembering? some of my friends were asking me the other day and I couldn't remember haha. And furthermore... did you realize that it is evidently correct to say "If I WERE 10 years old..." in place of "If I was 10 years old..." Yah, it hurts when you're trying to help a Peruvian with their homework and they start correcting your English:-0 haha And is there a word for like the metal on top of a house that lighting hits and keeps the house from burning... if there is, I am having a heck of a time remembering it haha. ;-)

It rained yesterday. Like actually rained. Which is impossible in Lima. I could actually feel little rain drops hitting my skin for about 5 minutes and then it stopped;-( haha. Yah, it was wonderful. But still it didn't rain enough to clean the streets. ;-)

Went to go buy tickets this morning for the new Twilight movie but the cinema was closed. So I decided to buy Christmas cards and sit in a park and start writing to people. ;-) It's so nice in Lima today.

Don't have to go to school cuz they are in exams again. I went yesterday and basically slept or studied my spanish book the whole day because they wouldn't even give me the exam to try. haha Don't you love the life of an exchange student. Anyways, all is well... Going to speak in front of a group of students at another colegio and then afterwards off to the track.



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