Saturday, October 8, 2011


Wow. I don't even know what happened last night, still trying to think about if I really went to my first discoteca or if it was just a dream. Or not a dream, considering it was probably the most frightening thing I've ever done.

Let's start from the beginning of the night.... with pictures!!! (skyped my family.. aka dad, grandpa grigg, cousin kristen and her baby girl Lorin, and grandma grigg. It was so cool. Today is my cousin Lorin's 1 year birthday!!!!!;-) I wish I could be there so bad for it;-( Anyways, got to talk to my dad and grandpa, which is a miracle in itself considering they are in harvest season. ;-) But it was so great.

Here you are.

Anyways, so that was the high point of the night. ;-)

So there was a game of Peru vs. Paraguay yesterday. It is one of the games that determines the limited number of South American countries who are going to get to enter the world cup in 2014 (in Brazil). So it was a big day...

We went to the Pizza street... so naturally I thought we'd be eating pizza, watching the game. But no, haha we went right up to a door in the middle of two restaurants, up a flight of stairs in the dark, into a room filled with blacklights and a huge big screen with about 100 people sitting on top of each other to get a view of the game.

I swear every time a goal there was an earthquake in Peru. It was definitely cool to see how you could hear the whole city erupting together. Like there was nobody in the streets, and all the stores were shut down. I kinda got lost in the moment a bit, because I didn't notice till after Peru had won, that my clothes were soaked in beer from all the excitement as tables were turned over and people thrown around like balls in a pinball machine. It was really cool.

So anyways, I thought that was that. But as soon as the 90th minute came, everyone shoved the tables to the edges of the room and the party began. Music, flags, dancing, strobe lights. It took me about 20 minutes to actually realize what was all happening. jaja I was in a discoteca converted to a bar to watch the game. But don't get me wrong, it was fun dancing with all the completely wasted people and pretending like I was wasted too and dancing as if I wasn't a gringo. (pretty difficult to dance on a floor sticky with alcohol. I felt like I was a fly stuck to one of those soppy fly catchers.) My sister here is amazing... she definitely drinks, but isn't super in to the whole getting drunk thing, so it was basically me and her with a world of people who wouldn't remember a thing of the party later on.

She proceeded in teaching me some salsa steps, because that's ALL they dance in the discotecas. Like, honestly, nothing else. It's pretty amazing, if you know how to do it.

Anyways, so that was the fun part. 1230 came and we all left to go watch some mob in the street. There was drums, hippies, and policeman barricading the streets. Every so often the crowd would surge and try to blog the traffic... and then the police would go with their big shields and shove them back. Yeah, it was definitely a new experience for me. But don't worry, I only watch from a far.

1 o'clock came and went. And so I thought we'd probably get going soon, considering the mob was over and everyone was standing in the street practically sleeping. jaja. But no, on to another discoteca.

This is where everything just went wrong. We went to a discoteca for adults. And lets just say I spent the entire night closing my eyes.

It's weird, I guess it's just a cultural difference down here. They just don't mind stuff like that. But in the end of the night, while I was eating a giant hamburger at 3 o'clock in the morning, I realized that there are some cultural differences that I just don't have to conform to. And this would be the first.

Something to pray about I guess. ;-)



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