Monday, September 5, 2011


hey everybody.

haha so the video is uploading and will probably be up tomo morning;-)

In other news. We had exams for the end of the semester today. It was the first time I've ever left a test completely blank ;-) It felt awesome. Actually, i did more than leave it blank... I slept on it;-) haha.

Well, that was one of the tests-literature. The test in World History i did because I knew everything, just had to find a way to write in all in Spanish. We'll see how that goes. My host mom was really excited when she heard that I tried to do the tests... shh. she doesn't know about the first one;-)

So... painting. Had painting classes again today. My painting is coming along really well. I'm even surprising myself a little. You might actually be able to tell what it is when all is said and done. Here's a pic of my progress before class today;-)

My friend in school started reading her bible during class today. That led to a burst of questions from the other students. It's crazy how God opens doors. Because now, 300 questions later, I'm going to have a little study of religion with my classmates next monday after school!!!!!;-) I'm super excited. But totally see how God has prepared me for this.

If you didn't know, Holly and I started a Prayer group her junior year and led it for two years. No teachers. Just students. In fact, it was those students who had a huge role in bringing Bob in and getting the town all excited every single time;-)

hmm. memories.

Thank God for every moment.



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