Thursday, September 22, 2011

First Class.

Y no vivan ya como vive todo el mundo. Al contrario, cambien de manera de ser y de pensar. Así podrán saber qué es lo que Dios quiere, es decir, todo lo que es bueno, agradable, y perfecto. (Romanos 12:2)

Didn't realize a bus ride in a third world country meant sitting in seats that have internet, television, and seats that recline to 180 degrees. I think I'm actually disappointed, haha I was expecting something a little more uncomfortable for the 18 hour trip. But hey, I'm not gonna complain... just another blessing tonight from God.

Sitting here reading through my new spanish Bible and thinking about how the day has passed. I'm on the most amazing trip of my life right now. Not only to Chile, but just Peru in general. I have seen so many things. Experienced so many differences in culture. I have been given a chance to see through new eyes down here. But you know, I've realized that in all that has changed, I haven't. And I'm glad for that. But you know, everyday I wake up in fear, fear that I won't be able to stand up for who I am. Fear that I will change and not see the change that is happening.

This is what is so beautiful. Because of this fear, I have learned here in Peru that every moment of my day is to be given solely unto Christ. I honestly have never felt so helpless in my life. In another language, in another world. And that is why Peru is perfect for me. God has taken away everything from me so that I could learn to SOLELY rely on Him. Not just for the big things, but for the smallest things too (Like being able to just speak in a conversation). ;-)

Never take for granted your voice, those of you out there who are sitting comfortably at your tables or desks. Never forget that God has given you a voice to use, to change this world. That voice may not be verbal, and for me right now it definitely isn't verbal. But whatever you voice is, use it for Him. Whether it be cooking, playing sports, writing, eating;-), playing an instrument, singing, math, pogo-sticking... whatever it may be, use it to the best of your ability.

Don't think that everyone is like you. If there is one thing I have learned from all my time in Peru it is this. The talents God has given you are YOUR ministry. You don't need to try to start a ministry, you only need to be. Be the teacher, be the dad, be the person that has joy and patience and love and kindness screaming from every ounce of there body. Because if you can just walk in the Light, It will expose the darkness, you won't even have to try.

I can't even hardly speak this language. But I can love. I can have patience. I can be kind. I can be good. Through the many voices God has given me, I can do anything.

I love this time. I love sitting here listening to Nora Jones thinking about the incredible gifts God has given me. I encourage you not to forget as well.

You have them for a reason.



P.S. 10 more hours left in the bus:-)

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  1. I SO SO AGREE!!! I so agree with everything you have said. Try myself to do just exactly what you said. Praise God for all your learning. GOD IS SO AMAZING! Have a great trip Luke! Miss you lots.