Tuesday, August 2, 2011

silencing the mumbles.

My family had a little welcoming party for me tonight! :-) It was really cool. I met the Melendez family (whom I think is going to be my second family:-) They were so nice. We had a variation of what we would call lemon pie. It was really good. We drank sprite with it. That was the best part! I haven't had pop in 7 years but sprite tasted just like I remembered!:-)
It's weird, I am learning so fast without even knowing it. I haven't even been here a week, and it is like the language is unfolding itself before me. This exchange is definitely not like anything else you could ever do. I have a family who sits with me for hours and talks slow just so I can understand. And they know right away in my face when I don't know something.
Already, I feel like I have been here forever. Like words like "chevere" and "webon" and "flaco" are words I have used my entire life. Like I have always woke up to fresh bread. Like I have had neighbors my whole life. It is strange how my mind is opening up to things I previously hated, or didn't even know.
I guess all I can say is that I have been blessed out of my socks. I feel like I am with my family in the United States here in Peru. They are so much alike. (Vanessa even promised me she would sing a song with me at our next rotary meeting!:-)
Oh in case I didn't tell you, the Rotary here heard I sing, so I am singing two songs in front of 200 of them and all the exchange students inbound and outbound on thursday!!!!!! I'm kinda freaking out... but hey, if God can make me feel comfortable by myself in Peru, with a different language, I'm sure He can do this.

Who are we to even have to second guess what God can do. I really just am so excited right now. If you are worried about something in your life and feel like not even God could fix the situation... Don't think. Don't try. Just take a deep breathe and rest in the fact that your prayers are not hitting the clouds. They are reaching to God before the even slip through your lips. Trust in what He can do in your life. Even if it is a place He has never take you in your life. Here is a quote I read tonight by a past exchange student in this house...

Abre tus ojos... (Open your eyes)
Abre tu corazon...(Open your heart)
Abre tus brazos...(Open your hands)
Y permite todo entrar. (And permit everything to enter.)

I guess this is what I would say with our lives with Christ. Don't try. Just open yourself up and allow Him to do the change in you. Don't say you are open to Him if you are not. Don't say you want change, if when it comes, you say you are ready. Be okay with opening yourself up to Him. Because if you do that... it isn't hard because it isn't change... it is growth.



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