Thursday, August 25, 2011

Oh what a beautiful morning....:-)

Not. ;-) lol. It was actually very wet this morning... but after school-it was incredible. THE SUN WAS OUT! I forgot to tell you guys that in Lima in the Winter there is virtually no sun. It is like a cloudy haze in the sky all the time. It never gets very bright.
Thus I haven't seen sunlight in quite sometime, and my eyes were sooooo sensitive. It was so weird. But nevertheless... incredible.

Today in school I had an exam on the History of Peru. It was actually a lot easier than I thought and I only didn't understand one question;-) It is so weird to me that I can actually do assignments in Spanish now... it's so weird that I can sit in a class all day and understand the lectures... it is so much like a dream I can't even explain it.
But anyways, if you want to know what it is like doing homework in another language... just turn a piece of paper upside down and flip the letters backwards and that might show you what I feel like 24/7.

Last night I made the most incredible dessert with my friend Lily from Denmark. I can't wait to get home to show Holly. It is so good. It was like a Chocolate mouse, but extremely fluffy. I couldn't stop eating it. :-)

And now for my friends... (by the way, my friend lily is super sick, so if you're thinking about her;-) pray for her) ;-)

Meet Nina! Nina is also incredible. She is my running partner. Nina has had 5 years of Spanish and already speaks like she has been in Peru forever. ;-) Nina is super sweet and has that type of voice that just makes you want to go curl up with a pillow and watch a movie... if you have any idea what i'm talking about. lol Let's just say she has a very soothing voice. ;-) Nina is from WISCONSIN! Which means I get to see her once a year (or more) for a week for the rest of my life... or until holly stops singing;-) Nina is super smart but is very humble. She wants to be a "green engineer" or something smart like that. All of the exchange students agree that we could definitely see her in a lab coat. ;-) Nina is going to try Polevaulting while here in Peru!;-)

Embrace Carter! Carter is 16 (i believe) but I never actually believe that she is that age. Carter is super smart and awesome to be around. She is the girl that my family and I waited for in the airport for 2 hours after I arrived;-) it was awesome. Carter is from the amazing state of Florida. She has NEVER had home-baked chocolate chip cookies!!!!! Doesn't understand how homemade is better. It is definitely a tragedy. Carter is one of those girls that you swear could run for president and win. She knows things about everything, but isn't super geeky or anything... just a nice smart person;-) She goes to the same colegio as nina;-)

Hmmm. Miss a lot of you guys... Remember your time in the Word. Even if it is only for 5 minutes;-)



P.S. School gets out at 1:00 tomorrow!!!! It is the anniversary of my colegio. I'm definitely going to embrace the opportunity to sleep a bit;-)

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