Sunday, July 31, 2011

Lima at Last.

My new home for a year... here is a video. lol I made it in like 10 minutes so bare with me...;-)




  1. So proud of you stepping out like this! You will learn a lot about leaning on God! I would have totally passed out on that mountain road up to the cross. YIKES.

  2. Loved the video Luke...thanks for taking the time to share with us your amazing adventure! We love you but know you are where you are supposed to be right now. I loved that you added your sisters music to the video...double whammy for mom and dad ;-) Lyrics are perfect for you though at this time!!!!!!

  3. Luke, Luke, LUKE!! Love, love, LOVE IT!! I have one question. Why didn't you stop at the stop sign!!! LOL Thanks for sharing. You are amazing....just so you know :)

  4. love the video and wish i could of been there to say but i know god will do great things with you and see you soon love ya bro