Friday, July 29, 2011

the final straw...

Saying good bye to my sis, camille, mom and dad was tremendously hard. it literally felt like everything in my stomach wanted to come out of my belly button lol. I guess the closest thing I can describe what I am feeling right now is this...

You know that feeling right when you get you license and you get in the car for the first time... ALONE. you spend 20 minutes deciding what the first song is that you will listen too. it's exciting but at the same time you start to get lonely and start thinking about how it used to be... Yah multiply that by 1000 and you get me.

I can definitely tell that I will be reading my Bible... A lot, this trip. I am completely happy but so sad at the same point. You know, I haven't cried yet today. Which is extremely weird. I thought I would be a mess. I think that my body is just so in shock... but we will see.

Honestly, I just need a soundproof room for like 20 min to just cry/scream/laugh in and then I would be fine lol but for now, I have to act like a grown up next to this 70 year old lady I am sitting by;-) But I promise, I'll let the tear flow here in the next couple days. (I'm not that strong lol)

But already, I have learned so much. First scary story... I was in the security line and the guard was looking at my passport... he told me I needed other documentation. When I inquired as to why, he said my passport was expired. I thought he was joking lol but he was totally serious. I told him that that was impossible and he said that the passport expired in 2009. My heart dropped so fast I thought I was choking. I told him to recheck because i was sure it expired in 2019... He said he was sure but he rechecked and was real frustrated with me that I would make him do that... but it was good because he ended up realizing that he was looking at the issue date. I wanted to grab my passport and slap him for the way he treated me, lol well at least in my mind I wanted to ;-) Anyways, that was definitely a very very very good lesson. Don't be afraid to stick up for yourself.

Ahh it's crazy, i know that i am going to survive getting homesick if i can keep reminding me of the little way in which God is providing... more to come later. But I've realized that everything is a learning experience now. Take it as it is, and see how you can relate it to what God is trying to tell you. This goes for me and all my friends venturing into their intimidating futures. Sometimes you won't be able to hold on to anything more than the tiniest detail of grace. But let that be enough. Let that little glimpse of joy, happiness, comedy take you through your rough patches. And again... let God be your constant. Love you guys.

Probably one more post after this and I will be meeting my host family!!!!!!!!

See ya,


"When you reach the end of your rope... tie a knot and hold on. :-)" -I can't remember who said it ;-)

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