Monday, June 6, 2011


So, if you have been on my facebook at all in the last couple weeks, you may have freaked out a little. Don't worry, you weren't the only one. Literally, the list of people who knew could be counted on 2 hands.

So here's the explanation...

During basketball season there was a tryout you may have heard on the radio about an acting company (John Robert Powers) coming to Wenatchee. JRP is know for raising up actors and actresses... beginning with Lucille Ball (I Love Lucy). :-) It is basically a school that is after school (and on the weekends) where you go and learn how to: model, sing, act for T.V., act for Movies, commercial print and so on... and it was one of the best decisions of my life.

Anyways, I went to the tryout just for fun with Kimi Avalos (another drama club member). The room was full in the bottom of The Red Lion Hotel in Wenatchee. (700 kids from 3-18 in my session... 1400 total, trying out for judges in front of everyone. If you say nerve racking that doesn't even begin to describe. Just think American Idol, but including little kids. And in a room way to small...

Anyways, long story short... I was one of the ones picked. I kind of freaked out a little. After talking with my parents and various others about the company, we signed with them. Then I went into a 5 week intense training schedule every saturday, for 8-10 hours each session. It was, INCREDIBLE. TV acting is SOOOOOOO MUCH different than stage acting. I learned that within 5 seconds. haha

Then after 5 weeks, I tried out for my first agent. If you don't know what that means, basically an agent in acting is like a record label in singing. They are the ones who take you to the next level and get your name out there. The label was from Oregon and was geared towards modeling. Well, I tried out, and by try out I mean (waited in line for 2 hours, went up to the table in front of all the people there, slated (name, represented by, age), said a monologue and commercial, answer one question, and said thank you. The whole think lasted about 2 minutes. I was certain I didn't get it.

Awkwardly enough. I did. Along with Kaila (the girl you will see in the pictures), we both we asked to sign a contract for 3 years... That seemed a little much to us and JRP so we decided to graciously deny it. It was so weird. God's hand is over the whole thing. Usually you try out for hundreds of agents before one bites. That was Kaila's and my first agent!

From that, JRP asked Kaila and I to go to IPop in L.A. with them in July (2-5). We will be trying out for over 100 agents, including singing and doing a scene for them. I'm not exactly sure what all is going to go on, but I'm just going to trust God and have fun with it:-) It isn't my gift anyway. I may have wanted to do this my whole life, but I have no idea how to....

That's where the photo shoot comes in. In order to go to L.A., we have to have a portfolio and various other items. So, we were signed up to take photos with a guy in seattle by our company JRP. Long story short, we got a call the day before the photoshoot that JRP cancelled it because they wanted me and Kaila to have a better photographer that they were flying up from L.A. at no cost to us, another total God thing.

But get this. Not only was the new photographer amazing and super nice, but he had been in YWAM and hoped to be a missionary when he got older. It was as if God was saying, "Luke, I know modeling isn't what you may want to do... but I will protect you." I was so nervous about being asked to do things I wouldn't want to... but with this photographer, there was no question. He knew exactly where I came from. So 7 hours and 985 pictures later... there you have it. It was one of the most fun days of my life.

So there you have it. I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner... Thanks for being patient. Let me know if you have any questions:-)




  1. Thanks Luke... Well written.. I have had many people
    Ask me what's up with this!:-) thanks for explaining it.


  2. clark Grigg (your brotherJune 16, 2011 at 11:59 AM

    Hey bro you better watch out i think you have a new calling and gift in you life that you never know of. I also think god is going to use you through this to share he love in the la world adn you are very gifted in then

  3. You are amazing !!! Our God is amazing !!!! You're always in my prayers as you go out and share God's amazing LOVE!!!!!! Love and prayers, Cindy(Krysta's mommy :) <B