Monday, February 21, 2011

What Happens Next.

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You know, we all have passion. We all secretly love some things more than others...or maybe not so secretly. From the prominent man who loves football, to the woman who wants go shopping, there are things on the surface that are obvious, but what about underneath?... What about the passion a farmer has to be a missionary 5,000 miles from where he currently is, or the mother who secretly thinks that maybe she could be an effective part of the fight against breast cancer. How about the 7 year old kid who doesn't know how to do long division yet knows he wants to be an actor when he grows up. Tell me, how many people are sitting with dreams not yet brought to the surface. 

Let me tell you something. I am one of those people. I am and have been that 7 year old kid. But dreams of acting are coming to reality in a way I will write about later. I am and have also developed a longing to help children in poverty who have given all there material and even physical for a bite of food for their siblings. I have a desire. I have a passion. And it won't go away. At night, these keep me up. I think of talking in another language to a orphan child just to know that there is someone there for him. I want to break the wall of a week long trip trying to tell children I love them, and stay with them to show them that I love them. 

I used to think that I couldn't possibly be effective. I couldn't possibly make a change. But, what if everyone thought like that. If I can ask my sister if she desires to learn languages and she says no, then I know that there are others out there who would say the same. If others don't want to learn languages, then that is something unique that I have, that God has given me. Now, out of those left that long to learn a language, how many want use it as mission work, with children, know how to play sports, love the Spanish culture, like acting, etc..... and the list of names gets smaller and smaller. 

That is what this is all about. I am going to a country, to learn a language, because that is all I know for now. I know God has given me reason to spend every second in a Spanish dictionary because that is something specific he has for my resume. Even more so, this blog is called the passenger's seat because I am the one in the passenger's seat. I can scream and yell at the driver all I want, but He is the driver and He is showing me where we are going. My sister told me about a quote that says "Life is not a destination, it's a journey." God is driving on this journey. If I just trust him, I can focus less on the big scheme of where we are going, and start enjoying where we are at. To enjoy the scenery along the way. 

Peru is my outlet. God increased the passion for Spanish in me so much that I knew I was bound to live in another country (at least for now). So the question I pose for you is, what is He rising up in you. Or what has He already risen up in you. Let me tell you, it is never too late and you are never ineffective. You have a passion in you because you are unique; if you don't follow it, who will? Pray, seek, and trust, that what God puts before you is what He wants for you. I'm trying to do that with my life and I'm encouraging you to do the same. So...I dare you to move.



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  1. Very well said! You are brave. Trust God and
    you won't go off the road!